Business Migration Update: Entrepreneur Visa

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An Entrepreneur Visa was launched on September 10, 2016. As one of my clients described it well – ‘it is a mini version of 132b venture capitalist program’. Though the investment requirements are lower, the big emphasis is on the competent English language and entrepreneur​ial skills. Though this visa has individual innovative skills in its core it seems that the visa subclass itself is not innovative at all!

BzMark is on the other hand continuously striving to stay ahead of the pack by offering new programs that could benefit a broad range of our clients.

We have developed a 132a turn-key solution for clients who wish to purchase an existing vineyard business in any chosen state.

Our service involves the following:
Step 1: BzMark will obtain pre-approval from the State Government to proceed with the investment, before any acquisition is made. After the acquisition, BzMark provides a complete business plan for lodgment with the Government as part to the visa application. (Most States require a minimum business investment of $1 million in the regional area).

Step 2: BzMark sets up a company on behalf of the applicant, sources the right vineyard, negotiates purchase price and handles the legal requirements. The vineyard purchase price is estimated to be around $750,000. The remaining $250,000 is used as working capital. (A vineyard of this size should produce approximatel​y 75,000 to 100,000 bottles of wine per year.)

Step 3: BzMark operates vineyard under the management. Managing includes all aspects of growing, pruning, spraying, watering and picking. We also manage having the fruit made into wine by a local wine maker and design private wine labels. We organize packaging, boxing and internationa​l shipping, fulfilling all export and import requirements.

Step 4: The 132a visa holder is responsible for establishing the distribution network overseas. Due to the nature of this role, the 132-visa holder is primarily working overseas in developing the end market.

The client has an option to either pay the fixed service fee for each step involved to BzMark (case where client owns 100% shares in the company) or to allocate 15% shareholding to BzMark for the initial and ongoing work. (The remainder of 85% is owned by the client.)

In August this year, we have completed our first Vineyard purchase in South Australia with the 132a client and are excited to continue our work in delivering the private wine label for export to China.

Should you have a client that could be interested in this program please contact Theo for further discussions on or Wechat: Theor8888.

For all other inquires on business plans, feasibility studies and research tours please contact Vesna on or 02 8920 0367.

Our abbreviated price list is included below:

Business Plans for 457/ENS/RSMS cases are priced at
Additional 457 Nominations
Business Plans for 188 applications are priced from
Business Plans in support of 132 applications are priced from
Setting up the Company, registering for ABN, BAS, PAYG and opening of the bank account
Website Design with Hosting
$   650

All above quoted prices are GST exclusive.

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