Young women leaving South Australia due to male-dominated industries

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Young women from South Australia¬†are continuing to leave the state at far higher rates than men their age, in the 20 to 24 age group. Adelaide Now reports that last financial year, women made up 95% of the state’s population loss to other states in that early twenties age group – a rise from 68% the previous year.

The report continues that experts say the trend could be a results of male-dominated industries underpinning South Australia’s economy – such as mining and manufacturing – or a desire of women to travel and advance their careers before having children in their thirties.

Although there are no formal research project to support the claim of brain drain yet, a Government spokeswoman stressed that net population loss from SA was falling. She said there was “no evidence that there is a particular current problem with a gender imbalance in young age groups or an unusually high exodus of young women” out of South Australia.

Meanwhile, population growth in regional South Australia has slumped from 5000 to 970 new residents a year over the past five years, prompting calls to revamp migration programs to help country areas prosper.

The report adds that Migration Solutions director Mark Glazbrook wants the State Government to amend visa requirements to fix job skills shortages and dwindling populations in country towns. “We need a program specifically based around regional towns, because the Federal Government’s 457 visa isn’t supporting the genuine needs of businesses in rural areas,” Mr. Blazbrook said.



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