For Business Turn-Around Clients

business turn-around clientsFor business turn-around clients, timing is critical when a company is in distress, in a financial crisis or under performing. We provide proven leadership to quickly assess a company’s financial position. We improve cash flow, stabilize and improve operations, communicate with key stakeholders to re-build their support, and assist management and business owners with creating and executing an achievable turnaround management plan.

When it comes to implementing the new turn-around plan, we are able to provide hands-on services and daily guidance to the organisation to help drive the turn-around plan.

Key benefits to your business:

We work closely with management and owners to:

  • Improve cash flow and earnings
  • Open up new markets and improve sales
  • Negotiate revised payment terms with trade creditors, ATO and financiers
  • Arrange a refinance of existing debt facilities or restructure existing facilities
  • Diagnose causes of profit decline and other business problems and provide recommendations to address the issues and ease the financial stress on the business
  • Rebuild the relationship between management and the key financiers
  • Prevent the company from becoming insolvent or going into voluntary administration, receivership or liquidation
  • Formulate a restructure plan if the company has gone into voluntary administration or receivership
  • Provide greater cash flow and earnings forecasting visibility, through detailed analysis
  • Devise and implement an overall turnaround management plan.

When you should talk to us:

If your business is in financial stress, lacking earnings, or has hit the ceiling of its growth cycle, we can discuss with you the various ways in which BzMark can assist to get your business back on track.

In some cases, business owners simply want to prepare their exit strategy from the business, but earnings are lacking and a meaningful sale price can’t be achieved as yet. BzMark can design and implement a plan that will increase business earnings and assist you in preparing for a future exit.

Fee structure:

In most cases, the businesses we work with are cash-flow poor and therefore we don’t charge a monetary fee for our services, we assess your business and if we deem the long term viability of your business to be good, BzMark takes a small equity stake in your company.