Other Consulting

Below are other consulting services that BzMark Consulting provides.

Expense Reduction Analysis

BzMark Consulting provides include a hands on approach in assisting businesses in reducing their expenses. We take an inclusive approach to your business, in evaluating all sections of the business. By looking from the outside in we are not too close to the business and this allows us to quickly find cost savings of up to 20% from your current expense base. It involves providing regular independent reviews of the business expenditure, forensically examining potential profit leaks and identifying areas for cost and purchase improvements.

We are able to compare the health of the business to that of your industry peers and fine tune the business where required. We work with management over a period of two years and monitor the business on a regular basis. We discuss our findings and recommendations with you the owner. This program is designed to deliver direct cost benefit to your business as BzMark Consulting is paid out of the cost savings made. So, no savings, no payment.

Give BzMark a call at (02) 8920 0367 to see how we can reduce your expenses and improve your bottom line.

Business Coaching

With a vast commercial background in building businesses, BzMark is well placed to coach you, to run a successful business. We help the business owner to clarify its business goals and objectives. We help you to develop skills and acquire resources needed to operate a successful enterprise.

We typically coach you in the following areas.

  • General Planning We work with you to develop a strategic and Operational plan and Administration and Personnel plan.
  • Marketing and Promotional Planning We work with you to develop and implement a Promotional and Advertising plan
  • Financial Planning We help you to understand the Financial Statements and how to use them as a source of information. Design and implement rolling cash flows, pricing strategies and employee compensation plans.

We coach you in looking at the big picture and how to find balance between your business and personal life.

We provide candid feedback to you about your strengths and weaknesses, link you with professionals and organisations that assist you in solving problems. We guide you through transitional periods in starting and growing a small to medium enterprise.

Give BzMark a call to see how we can start coaching you today.

Preparing your Business for Sale

consultingEvery successful business will be targeted at some point by potential buyers. If you wish to achieve a successful sale for the maximum price, BzMark can assist you in preparing your business to achieve this aim. We guide you through various valuation models and assist you with selecting the model best suited to your business.

BzMark assists you with preparing the business for sale, by ridding the business from private entries, preparing consistent management reports and placing the business in a clear and understandable format so that the potential buyer can quickly establish what is for sale. The preparation of a simple but effective Information Memorandum often is an advisable sales tool to have.

Every serious buyer will conduct a level of Due Diligence where they inspect the operation and financials of the business.

We help you prepare a Due Diligence folder that contains all, or most, of the requirements that a potential buyer might have. This way little interruption occurs to your business as these inspections take place. Confidentiality is often a big issue with the sale of the business, not only with regards to your competitors but also your staff. Having prepared Due Diligence files in advance, will greatly assist in safeguarding this confidentiality.

Give BzMark a call to prepare your business for sale today.

Local Representation for Overseas Businesses.

BzMark specialises in assisting overseas clients to establish successful businesses or markets for their product and services in Australia.

Australia has one of the strongest western economies in the world, with advanced corporate laws and stable Government.

We can assist your firm with the following in Australia;

  • Detailed market research
  • Negotiations with suppliers and customers
  • Locating partners, trading businesses
  • Acquire businesses or set up start up businesses
  • Manage Australian businesses on behalf of overseas shareholders
  • Serve as a representative company for your products and services

Not only is Australia an ideal place to invest or start a business, it also lends itself as a spring board into Asia and other Oceanic Nations.

Call us today to discuss how we can assist you in establishing a successful trade in Australia.