Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies & their effect on Australia

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The executive orders President Donald Trump signed in Washington last week are paving the way for a sweeping overhaul of the US immigration and economic system.

The upcoming reforms of the immigration law in US under the new leadership of President Donald Trump will deliver tighter border control measures that have not been seen in the recent times. It is expected that the effect of this policy will be huge for millions of people of all profiles. Though the refugees will be the most impacted, according to some analysts, both skilled and business migration will also have a negative downturn in its annual intake. The new government has been created to deliver on key election promises, 76 in total, most importantly improved security, creation of local jobs and renegotiatio​n of trade deals, including challenging of China’s power in the world.

The new Trump Administrati​on is set to deliver a CHANGE that will affect the rest of the world that no one has been prepared for. Economic impact on Australia is still unknown and is yet to be seen. However, the immigration impact on Australia could possibly have a positive turn, in particular if Australian government positions itself as a more democratic and open for business country. By retaining open for business borders and adopting more flexible immigration approach, Australia will be able to increase the demand for immigration whereby it will attract quality business and skilled migrants.

From 2011/12 to 2015/16, Australian Business Migration suffered a significant drop in the demand for business visas (according to department’s statistics approximatel​y 30%) and therefore in the number of applications lodged. This drop resulted out of significant changes in the immigration policy that set higher barriers to entry for business migrants and business investors. During this time, many applicants opted for easier immigration countries such as US, Canada or perhaps the UK. Now is the time for Australian Government to create and deliver real economic benefits for our country through creation of smart immigration policies and through attracting quality migrants.

Despite these changes on the global scene, our micro economies should continue its business as usual. As a matter of fact, Australian immigration industry should feed on these changes to create a powerful competitive advantage and to maximise the benefit of the industry as a whole.

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