About Us

illustration-of-grunge-rubber-stamp-with-the-text-15-years-experience-written-inside_186774044BzMark is providing specialized consulting services to business migrants and local small to medium enterprises.These services include immigration business plans, business strategies, market research, feasibility studies, business management and etc.

The company was founded in 2007. Since this time it has evolved into a diverse group of businesses that go beyond consulting, branching into business management.

Through its growth phases, BzMark has always been true to its main purpose of providing services to business migrants from all over the world. This mantra is true today.

With businesses in Migration assistance, International trade, Business consulting and Management, BzMark provides a broad offering of services assisting new business migrants to settle in Australia as quickly and successfully as possible.

BzMark is staffed with highly professional employees, many bilingual. The breadth of their knowledge allows the various companies to work in harmony. This cross-pollination provides a one-stop shop for many of our business migration clients.

BzMark does not provide immigration advice