May 2021

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The 2021/22 federal budget is a clear testament of the important role immigration plays in the Australian economy. Since World War II, we, as a nation, continued to rely on immigration to help us build and maintain our economy. With migration largely halted due to COVID-19 restrictions, our post pandemic recovery is going to face […]

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May 2020

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Trust everyone is navigating well during these challenging times. Covid-19 has put immigration to Australia on hold and some experts are already warning that this could have significant consequence for our economic recovery. Australia’s immigration program has been pivotal during the past decades in delivering essentially uninterrupted economic growth. Due to border closures at the […]

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March 2020

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CORONAVIRUS REALITY & INDUSTRY IMPACT All we hear these days in the news are reports and updates on coronavirus outbreak.  Fear of pandemic, sparked panic buying patterns amongst certain groups of people but more importantly, it created a serious economic pain. Coronavirus outbreak has also exposed the extraordinary depth of Australia’s economic dependence on China. […]

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Visa Sponsorship Scam

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Following Domino’s Pizza Chain Visa Sponsorship Scam, where some franchisees have allegedly been charging up to $150,000 for a visa, Australian Government announced changes on 457 visa conditions. On 02 March 2017, Peter Dutton, The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection officially barred fast food chains from sponsoring foreign workers to work in Australia. Subsequent […]

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Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies & their effect on Australia

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The executive orders President Donald Trump signed in Washington last week are paving the way for a sweeping overhaul of the US immigration and economic system. The upcoming reforms of the immigration law in US under the new leadership of President Donald Trump will deliver tighter border control measures that have not been seen in […]

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Significant investor visa scheme jumpstarts residential investments in Australia

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Significant Investor Visa (SIV) scheme has given Australian residency to foreigners willing to spend at least $5 million on Complying Investments. After four years, Significant Investor Visa holders are eligible for permanent residency. China’s super wealthy have led a jump in the number of fast-tracked residential visas and now represents a very significant increase in the number […]

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Anti-457 visa move could harm Australia’s technology industry

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Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes warns that anti-457 visa move could harm Australia’s technology industry. A private member’s bill into federal parliament – the Migration Amendment (Putting Local Workers First) Bill – will tighten up the controls around the issuance of 457 visas. According to The Australian, the bill would introduce more rigorous requirements for labour-market […]

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Australian states welcome business migrants

Posted on 28/11/16 2 Comments

BUSINESS MIGRATION TALK Australian states are increasingly recognising the incremental value and contribution that business migrants bring to their economy, employment and cultural diversity. In one way or the other, nearly all state governments have relaxed their criteria by eliminating business investment exclusions, reducing the minimum business investment and the state sponsorship application processing times. […]

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Update on 457 visa program

Posted on 24/11/16 1 Comment

SKILLED MIGRATION TALK Below presented are 457 program statistics extracted from the DIBP site.  According to these statistics, during the last financial year, there were about 18,000 sponsorships lodged, and out of these approximately 15,000 were approved and around 2,000 refused. In 2015/16, sponsoring businesses lodged closed to 70,000 457 nominations, out of which around […]

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Chinese are third biggest migrant group in Australia

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The Chinese are the third biggest migrant group in Australia, behind the British and those from New Zealand. But the pattern of new settlement has changed in past decades. These days, Australia is actively recruiting wealthier business migrants from China, as well as tens of thousands of students. The latest estimate suggests there are 1.2 million […]

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