Business Consulting

BzMark has been providing specialized business consulting services to business migrants and local small to medium enterprises. These services include migration business plans, business strategy, skilled migration plans, business research and state sponsorship plans.

For Business Turn-Around Clients

Timing is critical when a company is in distress, financial crisis or underperforming. We provide proven leadership to quickly assess a company’s financial position. We improve cash flow, stabilise and improve operations, communicate with key stakeholders to re-build their support, and assist management and owners with creating and executing an achievable turnaround management plan.

When it comes to implementing the new turn-around plan we are able to provide hands on services and daily guidance to the organisation to help drive the turn-around plan.

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Other Consulting

BzMark provides a hands on approach in assisting businesses in reducing their expenses. We take an inclusive approach to your business, in evaluating all sections of the business. By looking from the outside in we are not too close to the business and this allows us to quickly find cost savings of up to 20% from your current expense base. It involves providing regular independent reviews of the business expenditure, forensically examining potential profit leaks and identifying areas for cost and purchase improvements.

We are able to compare the health of the business to that of your industry peers and fine tune the business where required. We work with management over a period of two years and monitor the business on a regular basis. We discuss our findings and recommendations with you the owner. This program is designed to deliver direct cost benefit to your business as BzMark is paid out of the cost savings made. So, no savings, no payment.

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