132a Permanent Residency Program

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BzMark Consulting is pleased to announce its new 132a Permanent Residency Program.

The program uses the 132a visa stream to provide permanent residency for the overseas businessperson and their direct family.

BzMark is working with individual State Governments to assist in the process of creating a ‘win-win’ situation for the overseas business migrants as well as for the local economies.

The program is a “one stop” shop where BzMark controls and implement all facets of the program.

The 132a PR visa is for an experienced businessperson who wishes to migrate to Australia. A nominated State of Australia will sponsor the right applicant on receipt of an approved comprehensive business plan and resume. The visa requires the applicant to invest in a business in Australia, after the PR visa is issued.

We have a range of projects that we will present to the State Governments, so that initial approval can be obtained before they are presented to the clients. These projects are carefully selected. We match the skills of your client to the projects. This can be Joint venture projects with local companies or a fully owned operation by the applicant.

What are the benefits of using us?

BzMark not only provides the opportunity to your client to get involved in a viable local commercial project, it also ensures that each project has initially been presented to the State Government for their ‘preferred investment approval’ prior to lodging the state sponsorship application.

The program involves in setting up a local company, in one of the big cities, that the client owns. The investment projects are located in regional areas, and are mainly agriculture based. The client will invest and assist in managing the regional project.

BzMark’s program is comprehensive and includes all fees for a family of four, including Department of Immigration and Border Protection fees, Migration fees, Consulting, Audit, Valuations etc.

What is in it for you?

The program allows for significant referral fees and in addition your regular migration fees should you wish to undertake the migration work for your referred clients yourself.

The main qualification criteria for participation in BzMark’s PR Program are for the applicant to have;

  • Successful business career.
  • Be a current Business owner.
  • Turn over of overseas business of AUD 3.0 Mil per year.
  • Able to transfer AUD 2.0 Mil to Australia after PR is issued and within 18 months. (NSW)
  • Less than 55 years of age.

The PR approval process for this visa stream is significantly faster these days, taking less than 12 months from the time of engagement.

Should you have clients who fit this criterion and is keen to get involved in a headache free process to getting his/her PR, please contact Theo at (02) 8920 0367 for further details covering fees and implementation schedules.

Theo will also be visiting a range of cities in China in the coming weeks and if you or your partners have clients in China, a personal presentation of our 132 program could be arranged in these cities.

In addition, BzMark continues to provide business plan writing services for start up and going concerns. We cover skilled migration as well as all business migration needs.

Our comprehensive services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Setting up a start up business, (Company registration, ABN, TFN, Leases and etc.)
  • Preparation of auditable training programs,
  • Website design
  • Marketing Plans
  • Business expansion plans
  • Business case overviews covering skilled migration needs
  • Business plans for state sponsorships
  • Business plans
  • Business plans for banks
  • Investment memorandums to attract private investors
  • Provision of our professional advice to the client to achieve the desired outcome
  • Research tours

Should you have a client requiring any of the above services please contact Vesna at our office on (02) 8920 0367.

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